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About Bodywork & Massage

From the Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge (MTBOK):

Massage therapy is a healthcare and wellness profession. The practice of massage therapy involves a client/patient-centered session, intended to support therapeutic goals, with the therapist being free of personal agenda. Massage therapy also meets the well-researched need for touch and human connection. Massage therapy at its essence is human touch with clear intention, focused attention and the attitudes of compassion and non-judgment.

During a session, a massage therapist incorporates a wide variety of techniques and approaches. They design the session to address the goals of the client/patient, which may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Treatment of pain, injury or conditions.
  • Relaxation.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Wellness.
  • Enhanced movement.
  • Personal growth.
  • Body awareness.

Massage can alleviate stress and improve mood by reducing cortisol and increasing neurochemicals associated with positive feelings. Bodywork can provide lasting pain relief from muscle, joint and connective tissue problems (like shoulder pain and movement restrictions, for example). Bodywork can speed up recovery time after an injury, and is often recommended by Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers for rehabilitation after certain types of injuries. Bodywork can also correct posture over time, relieving chronic patterns of stress and tension, and reducing risk of future injury. Overall, bodywork is one of many tools which we can use to help our bodies stay healthy and function at an optimal level.

For more specific information about techniques and effects, read about these Modalities.

About Me

I graduated in December of 2013 from East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR.

I am licensed by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists (OBMT), License #20503.

I am currently a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

In the Spring of 2015, I trained to use mindfulness techniques for somatoemotional healing in the style of Hakomi at the M.E.T.A. Training Center in Portland, OR.

In the Summer of 2016, I became a Certified Yoga Teacher through CorePower Yoga.

In the Spring of 2018, I received a certificate for Trauma-Informed Yoga Training through Street Yoga.

I am trained in and regularly practice the following modalities:

I hope you enjoy your session, and that you always leave my table feeling better than before!

My History, in brief

I grew up in the South Bay Area in California. I acquired a Computer Science B.S. from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2007, and then worked as a software developer for several years. Being mostly sedentary and sitting with poor posture in front of a computer screen for hours everyday took a toll on my body (and a car accident didn't help), so I started seeing a very knowledgeable Massage Therapist. I became extremely interested in the workings of the human body.

I moved to Portland in August of 2012, and attended East West College of the Healing Arts. I also began practicing yoga and parkour on a regular basis. I have learned a tremendous amount about the human body since then, and I've become more aware of my own needs and how to function optimally. My body and mind have been completely transformed, from a being adapted to sitting and thinking, into a being capable of moving with beauty and efficiency. I am now a healthy and fit bodyworker ready to improve the well-being and self-awareness of other human bodies!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Aristotle

We are our habits, and we have the power to transform ourselves simply by changing those habits. With motivation and effort, we transform profoundly.

About This Site

I designed and programmed this site entirely by hand! My intent was to provide simplicity in use and presentation. I hope that you find this site quick and easy to use, easy to read, and pleasing to the eye.

Please email me if you find any serious problems, or if you have any suggestions, comments or criticism. Your thoughts are important to me, and I would love to improve my site for you if possible.